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Our English version of our scissor digital catalog is available. Please click on the “view” link and you’ll be taken to our catalog viewer. If you’re interested in purchasing a scissor, you can just click on the shop button on the catalog viewer and you’ll be taken to the series webpage.


Event / Seminar Speaking services

Dream Industries Co, Ltd. has ventured on public speaking services for your shows, events or seminars. Utilizing the long experience and deep knowledge of our talents, our talents can bring in value to your events.


  • Takashi Kaneda Seminar Reservation Download

“Shears are important tools in a professional groomer `s work.” As a scissor manufacturer, “Scissor Doctor Kaneda” has spent about 30 years studying professional groomer`s needs and designing grooming shears. He has designed and manufactured over 100 types of scissors to fit every bit of customer`s needs such as hand size and length, finger size and length, the way a groomer holds scissors, work-related pains and how to cut to achieve a desired style. In his seminar (lecture, scissor demo, or consultation), attendees will learn the science of grooming shears, how to find the right shears for each groomer.

  • Kenichi Nagase Seminar Reservation Download

Kenichi “Ken” Nagase is the owner / top stylist of Bubbles Salon, a popular dog salon in Tokyo and the president of D.O.G. Inc. His love for animals and interest in fashion brought him to the grooming industry. He studied in a grooming technical school in 1999 and after his graduation in 2000, he became a grooming instructor in his alma mater for 4 years. In 2004, he started in Bubbles salon as a groomer. In 2012, he won JAPAN Design Cut Contest for Best cut and Freestyle category. In 2013, he placed 2nd
in Groom & Kennel Expo USA Salon Freestyle category. He is best known for his unique Japanese “kawaii” style. He is always innovating styles (i.e. “French foot”) and developing original pet products. He has held grooming seminars all over Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, France, and cities in USA (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas). In addition, he has been featured in various fashion grooming magazines and shows. His latest was a feature in a Netflix documentary.