Excellence series

Smooth cut and sharp finishing shears

Thin blade, little resistance and ultra-sharp. Easy to handle and beautiful finishing shears.

Excellence series Common features

  • Finishing
  • All-around
  • Power
  • Touch
  • Dial Spring Tension

Excellence series Service

  • Free Sharpening
  • Customizable

Excellence series Material

  • Cobalt SP

Product list


ADH-651F (black)

  • Detailer
Product name: ADH-651F (black)
Price: ¥85,000 → ¥64,350
Product No: 201488
JAN Code: 4515901201488
L: 17.8cm(6.5inch)
B: 7.9cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 57g
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Product name: ADH-701F(red)
Price: ¥93,500 → ¥70,125
Product No: 201495
JAN Code: 4515901201495
L: 18.8cm(7inch)
B: 8.8cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 65g
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Product name: ADH-751F(blue)
Price: ¥99,000 → ¥74,250
Product No: 201501
JAN Code: 4515901201501
L: 19.3cm(7.5inch)
B: 9.1cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 67g
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