Fantasy Series

Scissors with cute pattern options

There are 6 patterns to choose from and we can also engrave your name. For groomers with small hands, we recommend alpha α. For groomers with average hands, we recommend beta β. Used as power finishing scissors, it is best matched with DS series.

Fantasy Series Common features

  • Finishing
  • Touch

Fantasy Series Service

  • Free Sharpening

Fantasy Series Material

  • Cobalt

Product list

Fantasy α

  • Finishing
  • Touch
Product name: Fantasy α
Price: ¥55,000 → ¥41,250
Product No: (Star pattern)201044
(Heart pattern)201129
(Bee Pattern 1)202126
(Bee Pattern 2)202133
(Clover Pattern 1)202140
(Clover Pattern 2)202157
JAN Code: (Star pattern)4515901201044
(Heart pattern)4515901201129
(Bee Pattern 1)4515901202126
(Bee Pattern 2)4515901202133
(Clover Pattern 1)4515901202140
(Clover Pattern 2)4515901202157
L: 19.3cm(7inch)
B: 9.0cm
Material: Cobalt
Weight: 63g
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Name Engraving
Font Style

Fantasy β

Product name: Fantasy β
Price: ¥55,000 → ¥41,250
Product No: (Star pattern)201167
(Heart pattern)201068
(Bee Pattern 1)202164
(Bee Pattern 2)202171
(Clover Pattern 1)202188
(Clover Pattern 2)202195
JAN Code: (Star pattern)4515901201167
(Heart pattern)4515901201068
(Bee Pattern 1)4515901202164
(Bee Pattern 2)4515901202171
(Clover Pattern 1)4515901202188
(Clover Pattern 2)4515901202195
L: 19.1cm(7inch)
B: 9.0cm
Material: Cobalt
Weight: 62g
Remarks: Comes with scissor rubber ring.
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Name Engraving
Font Style

6 Patterns

Please choose from star, heart, bee and clover patterns. Then choose between alpha or beta.

Name engraving

Choose your favorite from the 6 font types as shown on the right. We engrave your name on the bottom blade. Engraving your name makes it personal and you’re going to cherish it. This makes it popular among groomers.。