Lefty Curve Scissors

We have a wide selection of scissors for lefties. We recommend stainless steel if you want a general one. We also have a lineup of cobalt with excellent wear-resistance.

Lefty Curve Scissors Common features

  • All-around
  • Finishing
  • Power
  • Touch
  • USA Specification
  • Reversible

Lefty Curve Scissors Service

  • Free Sharpening

Lefty Curve Scissors Material

  • Cobalt SP

Product list

LA Curve 7.2 L (Left)

Product name: LA Curve 7.2 L (Left)
Price: ¥103,400 → ¥77,550
Product No: 201860
JAN Code: 4515201860
L: 19.0cm
B: 8.4cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 67g
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LA Curve 8.3 L (Left)

Product name: LA Curve 8.3 L (Left)
Price: ¥113,300 → ¥84,975
Product No: 201853
JAN Code: 4515901201853
L: 20.4cm
B: 10.2cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 76g
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