Power series

Even on small hands especially females, it feels light.

The finger ring is made slim to improve stability. Moreover, groomers with small hands and short fingers feel using this series is light on their hands because of the Finger Wing and blade-handle balance stable design . Depending on the blade width and thickness, some shears are good for cutting bulk.

Power series Common features

  • Finishing
  • All-around
  • Power
  • Touch
  • Dial Spring Tension

Power series Service

  • Free Sharpening
  • Customizable

Power series Material

  • Cobalt SP

Product list


  • Detailer
Product name: RDN-60
Price: ¥83,600 → ¥62,700
Product No: 200139
JAN Code: 4515901200139
L: 16.9cm(6inch)
B: 7.0cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 57g
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  • Detailers
Product name: RDN-65
Price: ¥85,800 → ¥64,350
Product No: 200146
JAN Code: 4515901200146
L: 18.1cm(6.5inch)
B: 8.0cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 59g
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Product name: RDN-70
Price: ¥92,400 → ¥69,300
Product No: 200153
JAN Code: 4515901200153
L: 19.0cm(7inch)
B: 8.5cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 66g
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Product name: RDN-75
Price: ¥99,000 → ¥74,250
Product No: 200627
JAN Code: 4515901200627
L: 19.6cm(7.5inch)
B: 9.3cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 70g
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  • USA Specification
Product name: RDN-80
Price: ¥104,500 → ¥78,375
Product No: 201471
JAN Code: 4515901201471
L: 20.5cm(8inch)
B: 10.4cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 74g
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