Slim series



The perfect finishing scissors for groomers pursuing the ideal cut

There is little resistance when opening and closing the blade. Cuts smoothly. Best used when doing the chipping cut. It has narrow long blades preferred by pro groomers to achieve the clean cut (no scissor marks).


It is not suitable for groomers who use 1 versatile shears from the beginning to the end of the cutting process. It is also not suited for cutting bulky fur.

Slim series Common features

  • Finishing
  • Lightweight
  • Touch

Slim series Service

  • Free Sharpening

Product list

Slim 98

Product name: Slim 98
Price: ¥99,000 → ¥74,250
Product No: 201624
JAN Code: 4515901201624
L: 19.1cm(7.2inch)
B: 9.0cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 58g
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Super Slim 98

Product name: Super Slim 98
Price: ¥132,000 → ¥99,000
Product No: 201631
JAN Code: 4515901201631
L: 19.1cm(7.2inch)
B: 9.0cm
Material: Powder Alloy
Weight: 58g
Remarks: Made with powder alloy that is harder than cobalt SP, offering the highest wear-resistance. Long-lasting sharpness!

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