SP Series

Easy to use even for people with small hands, very popular series.

The small finger rest is ergonomically angled and sculpted. It’s the most popular series because of its reasonable price.

SP Series Common features

  • Finishing
  • All-around
  • Lightweight
  • Touch

SP Series Service

  • Free Sharpening

SP Series Material

  • Cobalt

Product list

Dream SP-2

Product name: Dream SP-2
Price: ¥55,000 → ¥41,250
Product No: (Red)075447
JAN Code: (Red)4515901075447
L: 18.7cm(7inch)
B: 8.7cm
Material: Cobalt
Weight: 53g
Remarks: One of the most popular well-balanced straight scissors. You can personalized your tension screw by choosing from 6 colors as shown in the pic above.
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Tension Screw Color

Dream SP-3

Product name: Dream SP-3
Price: ¥59,400→ ¥44,550
Product No: 075560
JAN Code: 4515901075560
L: 18.7cm(7inch)
B: 8.7cm
Material: Cobalt
Weight: 55g
Remarks: Used to create the perfect silhouette. It's slimmer than SP-2. Ergonomically designed fulcrum to have that smooth cutting feeling.
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Ergonomic small finger rest

The small finger rest is angled to make it easy to use for groomers with small hands. The finger ring is sculpted for more comfort and control.