Speed series

Made with Propeller blades to improve trimming speed

Propeller blades can grasp the hair from the blade base to the cutting edge, lessening the chances of hair from escaping. The bamboo blade is curved so the cutting surface is longer. It has the same effect as long/large scissors. Recommended for groomers who are looking to improve their trimming speed.

Speed series Common features

  • Finishing
  • All-arounds
  • Speed
  • Touch Scissors
  • Dial-spring tension

Speed series Service

  • Free Sharpening
  • Customizable

Speed series Material

  • Cobalt SP

Product list


  • Detailers
Product name: AD-65P
Price: ¥99,000 → ¥74,250
Product No: 201778
JAN Code: 4515901201778
L: 18.0cm(6.5inch)
B: 7.9cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 60g
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Product name: AD-70LP
Price: ¥104,500 → ¥78,375
Product No: 200023
JAN Code: 4515901200023
L: 19.0cm(7inch)
B: 8.6cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 65g
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Product name: AD-75P
Price: ¥110,000 → ¥82,500
Product No: 200030
JAN Code: 4515901200030
L: 20.0cm(7.5inch)
B: 9.4cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 73g
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  • USA Specification
Product name: AD-80P
Price: ¥121,000 → ¥90,750
Product No: 201952
JAN Code: 4515901201952
L: 21.4cm(8inch)
B: 10.2cm
Material: Cobalt SP
Weight: 81g
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