USA Basic Series

Popular with a wide range of groomers

A versatile scissor that excels in cost performance and can be used in many situations.

USA Basic Series Common features

  • Rough cut
  • All-around
  • Lightweight
  • USA Specification

USA Basic Series Material

  • Stainless

Product list


Product name: USA B-70F
Price: ¥33,000 → ¥24,750
Product No: 201945
JAN Code: 4515901201945
L: 19.3cm(7inch)
B: 8.5cm
Material: Stainless
Weight: 62g
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Product name: USA B-85F
Price: ¥37,400 → ¥28,050
Product No: 201907
JAN Code: 4515901201907
L: 21.7cm(8.5inch)
B: 10.4cm
Material: Stainless
Weight: 75g
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